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this component is not mantained and updated anymore and
it DOES NOT WORK on INTEL based mac.

- Biferno support for BBEdit/TextWrangler -
MacOS PowerPC (classic and X) users only

Download BBiferno 1.0.5

BBEdit 8.0 compatible
(BBEdit 8.0 users should also read these requirements)

Speed up your HTML/Biferno editing with the Biferno support for BBEdit and TextWrangler, high-performance HTML & text editor for the Macintosh.

BBiferno with BBEdit/TextWrangler can be used on MacOS classic and MacOSX. It is composed by three parts:

Biferno language module

The Biferno language module performs syntax coloring of Biferno code and HTML tags.
Moreover it populates the functions/methods popup menu.

Note: If youf .bfr files are not automatically recognized by BBEdit to contain Biferno language, open the "Preferences" panel and check (in the section "Languages") if the .bfr suffix was already assigned to some other plugin.

TextWrangler or BBEdit >= 6.0 required

Put it in folder: BBEdit[TextWrangler] Support/Language Modules/

Current version: 1.0.4

BifernoDoc plug-in

The BifernoDoc plug-in adds an item named "BifernoDoc" in the "Tools" menu.

Hilighting a word (usually a class, method, property or keyword) in a Biferno text and then selecting the "BifernoDoc" menu item, the corresponding documentation page from the Biferno web site opens in your browser, so that specification for that keyword can be viewed.

To set a key shortcut for the item open the "Palettes->Plug-in Tools" palette (from "Window" menu), select "BifernoDoc" and press the button "Set Key...".

connection to the Internet is required, BBEdit >= 6.1

Put it in folder: BBEdit Support/Plug-Ins/

Current version: 1.0.1

Biferno Glossary

Biferno Glossary adds the entry "Biferno.bfr" in the window "Palettes->Glossary".

The "Biferno.bfr" glossary contains all of the Biferno methods, properties, constants and errors sorted by class. Choosing the desired entry from the palette causes a prototype (for methods) or the name to be inserted at the insertion point.

BBEdit >= 6.1 required

Put it in folder: BBEdit Support/Glossary/

Current version: 1.0


  • 1.0.5
    • bug fixed with self-closed tags inside comment, as in: <!-- <br/> -->.
    • 2-bytes chars (kanji etc...) are now treated as white spaces by the parser.
    • parser bug when a class property initializer had a function call (i.e. "time a = time()"). The function pop-up misinterpreted it.
    • random single quote (') parser bug fixed.
  • 1.0.4
    • LM (Language Module): bug fixed in function pop up menu (sometimes the words "function" and "class" in regular text were parsed and erroneously added to the menu list).
  • 1.0.3
    • BBEdit 8.0 compatibility
  • 1.0.2
    • LM: better AdjustRange
    • LM: scan functions: the biferno end tag inside strings should be ignored. fixed
    • LM: the "scan functions" process for the popup menu didn't skip comments and strings. Fixed
  • 1.0.1
    • LM: bug in javascript code and better parser of html tags